Expatriate Assignment & Management

Mobilising human resources where they make the most impact

The key to success in any company is the effective deployment of human resources where they are needed. Sometimes, this includes assignments that will entail the deployment of employees outside the company’s home base. In this case, the considerations for the candidate change drastically. What’s more, if deployed haphazardly, an expatriate can become an unnecessary liability to the company.

Our team at Value Add has over 25 years of experience in managing expatriate assignments and deployment. We can provide insights into matters such as policy, compensation, administration and repatriation. With our extensive experience, clients can focus on day to day matters while we ensure that they are making their HR investment effectively.

We assist clients in developing effective policies for expatriate management. This includes their scope of work, remuneration and even settling in. We can provide our clients with insights on compensation and scope of work that will allow them to better optimise spending and resources.