Approaching human resources differently

Human Resources isn’t just about managing a company’s resources, it’s about people & relationships.

Forging lasting relationships with a company’s most valuable resource

Make employee relations your strongest asset and your company will flourish.

Creating policies that enhance performance

Policies provide a framework that allows companies and their employees to work together to achieve goals and their bottom lines

Deploying resources efficiently where they are needed most

Human resources are only effective where they are mobilized. Create a more efficient workforce with proper expatriation and management.


Value Add Consultancy approaches human resources differently – we put the HUMAN in human resources. In a day and age where processes are being digitized, we believe in managing human resources by fostering deep relationships that will propel companies to achieve goals.

We provide solutions and advise companies in:

  • Policy development
  • Expatriate Management
  • Recruitment
  • Employee Relations
  • Human Resource Outsourcing
  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • Employee Engagement

At Value Add Consultancy, we have over 40 years of expertise in HR management. Our team has experience across the diverse realm of Human Resources and works to ensure that the needs of both the organisation and its employees are met.

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