Employee Relations

Forging vertiable relationships that grow businesses

Hiring is only the beginning when it comes to growing a business. Once the right talent is found, companies need to work to maintain and grow the relationship. This starts the very moment a candidate accepts a job offer. Both parties then enter a covenant in which they are both trying to grow and flourish. Employee relations then become a vital part of ensuring the company’s success moving forward.

At Value Add Consultancy, we believe that the relationship between employee and employer makes or breaks the company. Similar to how we give a first impression when we meet someone new, company’s do the same when employees talk about them and when candidates read about them on social media like LinkedIn and Facebook. It becomes imperative that we work with our clients to ensure that employees are taken care of while keeping the company’s interests top of mind.

We help clients from the very beginning of the relationship with onboarding new talent. Which we also empower our clients by providing ongoing support for employees be it conflict resolution or even dealing with the pressures of a new environment. These efforts help build a veritable relationship between employer and employee allowing our clients to focus on delivering on their promises.

Value Add Consultancy also steps in when clients require conflict resolution services. We can provide a neutral, safe space for employees to be heard. This allows us to better inform and advise a client on their next steps to effectively resolve internal conflict. We are also able to provide investigative services and insights when dealing with employee misconduct.

That said, we pride ourselves on developing new ways to help our clients better engage with their employees. These new approaches and ideas allow companies to address growing concerns before they become issues and also ensure that companies are well suited for an ever-evolving workforce.